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    Store No. 34

    Designed & Built In the White Mountians

    • USA Made
    • Vegan Friendly


    White Mountains


    AILERO is committed to exploring and developing new climbing equipment and systems designed to streamline the tangible and logistic aspects of moving quickly in the mountains.

    Concepts come directly from experiences and rigorous prototyping and testing define their paths to reality. Focused on simplicity and optimizing the feeling of freedom in the mountains, the designs are built to balance essential functionality with a minimized physical presence - everything we need without noticing it's there.

    From prototyping to final production, all work is done in the heart of the White Mountains, NH, USA.


    From stripped-down 3rd class missions to pitch after pitch in the alpine, AILERO is committed to streamlining equipment while keeping you hydrated, fueled, fast and free. Designed, tested and hand-built in the White Mountains.

    $ 59.99


    Even with decades of climbing and years of outerwear and equipment development experience before AILERO, we still acknowledge the brazen feeling of designing equipment in the midst of such a rich climbing area and community. Creating product in the home of so many visionary first-ascensionists, solid mountain guides and pioneering brands including Wild Things, Cold Cold World and Ragged Mountain Equipment, comes with a sobering baseline of raised-bar inspiration. With these people and brands in mind, AILERO strives to perfect new equipment and system designs, always asking "does it live up to it's home?"


    Just as design concepts are informed directly by the mountains themselves, quality and functionality are measured exclusively by their performance in the mountains. Years of product development has shown that, sometimes, lab findings including hydrostatic head testing figures, moisture vapor transmission rates and breathability testing outcomes can not only be misleading, erroneous and void of correlation, but ultimately splitting hairs below the threshold of true performance.

    With a deep understanding of the meaning behind these lab metrics, AILERO begins a development process by first zooming out and asking "what do we really need, and what does that in a lightweight, streamlined capacity?"

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