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    Store No. 12

    Different By Design

    Deviation  Ski & Snowboard Works
    • USA Made

      USA Made

    • Locally Sourced

      Locally Sourced

    • Custom Order

      Custom Order

    • Vegan Friendly

      Vegan Friendly

    Deviation Ski & Snowboard Works

    Portland, Oregon

    Matt Hilbert


    Deviation offers 100% custom, high-performance skis & snowboards handcrafted in Oregon from locally sourced raw lumber.

    Our location affords us access to some of the most knowledgeable woodworkers on Earth, allowing us to fine-tune the flex and response of our models with exotic, hand-laminated wood blends. With one of Mother Nature’s most varied testing grounds right in our backyard, every one of our skis and boards is run through the full gamut of conditions from windblown ice to waist-deep powder. Fully customizable artwork available on every model means you can choose from any graphic in our gallery, submit your own, or even work with one of our artists to create your one-of-a-kind dream setup.

    Deviation  Ski & Snowboard Works

    Deviation products are handcrafted by Deviation. With an inherently Oregonian “micro-brew” mentality, we utilize our own designs for our skis & snowboards and manufacture them in our own factory, right here in Portland, Oregon.

    $ 814.00
    $ 780.00
    $ 814.00
    $ 814.00
    $ 814.00
    $ 814.00
    $ 814.00
    Deviation Ski Snowboard


    Choose your model, topsheet & base to make it yours. We strive to build an ongoing relationship with those riding our skis and boards by creating it solely for you. Keeping all critical processes in house allows us to produce your custom graphic with our one of a kind wood cores for a unique handcrafted result.

    We are engineers, craftsmen, and artists seeking to break free from stagnant industry standards.

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