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    Store No. 24

    Handmade Longboards

    • USA Made
    • Vegan Friendly


    Idaho Falls, Idaho

    Our Dad was the one who had originally come up with the idea for Tranq, but the idea of combining an Exhilarating feeling with a Peaceful feeling didn't make sense to us at first...

    Later we decided to start building longboards. My brother and I always loved longboarding and we thought we could put together some kick ass designs. There were a Ton of roadblocks, but with a little help and lots of drive we were able to build The Most Scandalous Longboard Ever! We started to see all of the opportunities this business could bring and all of the good things it was capable of and our passion for this company rose above everything else. Now Tranq is the one thing that Lights A Fire in our eyes and also brings us that Feeling of Serenity.


    TRANQ [trANk], n., Short for Tranquility 1. Your Tranq is your passion that keeps you sane and brings that needed Tranquility. Examples include: Longboarding, Fishing, Skydiving, Deep Sea Mermaid Fighting, etc.

    $ 185.00
    $ 185.00
    $ 185.00