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    Crafting Skis

    Parlor Custom Skis
    • USA Made

      USA Made

    • Custom Order

      Custom Order

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      Vegan Friendly

    Parlor Custom Skis

    Boston, Massachusetts

    Mark, Jason, & Pete


    Parlor co-founders Mark Wallace, Jason Epstein, and Pete Endres met at Williams College and ski raced together on the NCAA eastern circuit. Each has skied since they could walk, beginning as little bombers at their local ski clubs Saddleback ME, Stratton, VT, and Brantling, NY and moving through the academy ranks at The Winter Sports School, Stratton Mountain School, and National Sports Academy.

    After Williams, while Mark was “chasing the dream” as a competitive international racer, Pete and Jason began “real world” careers in renewable energy and real estate development, respectively. Mark eventually did the same in construction. All three share an affinity for building things, and of course a passion for skiing and a deep love for the sport. With experience, knowledge, passion, a vision for the perfect quiver, and an old funeral parlor to bring ideas to life, Parlor Skis was born.

    Parlor Custom Skis

    We share an affinity for building things, a passion for skiing, and a deep love for the sport.

    Parlor Skis

    Collaboration is key to the ski design and build process. Mark, Jason, and Pete share both a friendship and extensive network in the ski community, allowing constant collaboration with others in the ski community. They welcome feedback, comments, and tour people around the parlor whenever possible. Integrating skiers with their own ride and customization are at the core of the Parlor story.

    Mark, Jason, and Pete leverage a lifetime of racing, training, and enjoying the woods to know what makes a great ski, and combine backgrounds in building and design to create them. Parlor skis are built entirely by hand from the highest quality products. They incorporate the latest trends in ski design, with a keen eye toward the history of the sport, to craft a product and experience to enjoy.

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